When God Decides to Show Up!

We just returned from Minneapolis last night and what a trip it has been!!! We’ve seen God in a way that I had not seen Him in a long while. Let me explain…
I had bought 4 tickets for the “Living Proof Live with Beth Moore” in October 2010 hoping that my girls and I would be able to go to this event in Minneapolis. But then in February or March my oldest daughter said, she would not be able to come. So I offered this ticket to my niece Dijana. Then a few weeks ago Courtney got some info on a mission trip to the north with her youth group. And she wanted to go with the youth rather than with us to Minneapolis. So here I was with yet another ticket… So my “other” daughter, the “faithful” one, that still wanted to go to Minneapolis with her mother, suggested that we offer this ticket to my niece Lisa. So I called up Lisa and offered it to her. She was really excited and said, yes, she would come. And then she just mentioned, that she did not have her German passport nor her Permanent Resident card. But since we still had a few weeks to go, she was just so confident, that it would all work out. I promised Lisa that we would all pray for it. And if necessary we’d even fast and pray. And that’s what we did.
Lisa’s mom was gone out of country for a few weeks, and so when she returned I called her up on May 10th. We talked about her trip and some other things, but then we eventually got talking about this whole issue of the missing passport and PR card. It still wasn’t there.
Then that same night Lisa called really excited with the news that her PR card was in Winnipeg, ready for pickup. And her passport was ready… in Toronto… They “just” had to send in some forms and then the passports would be mailed to them.  So on Wednesday my sister-in-law mailed those forms with express mail to the consulate in Toronto.
Now fast forward a week and a day. It was the Thursday before our trip, I hadn’t heard from Lisa or my sister-in-law. And I thought I would just wait, I would not get anxious. I had been praying all day long for this “situation”. Then at about 2:30 pm I got a phone call from my sister-in-law, telling me that the passport had not arrived. And she did not have a tracking number, so there was no way to see where that passport was. So we tried to see whether we somehow could track down this envelope other than with the tracking number. But Canada Post does not allow tracking by name, only by tracking number. So we agreed to talk in the evening.
And even so I had planned to leave at 5 am on Friday morning, and it now seemed that MY plans were being thrown over board, I still sensed this peace and calm inside of me. I did not get upset or angry. Even though a few times some of these feelings wanted to surface, but it was as if “something” held it back. Well, I know that God held them back. Only He can keep me calm when my detailed plans are all in chaos and so much uncertainty is around me.
So on Thursday evening, at about 9:30 pm I talked one more time to my sister-in-law and we agreed that we would wait on Friday. She said that the mail from Winnipeg arrives in Steinbach around 6 am and is being sorted. And at about 7 am they’d be able to tell us whether that passport is there or not. So on Friday morning we drove out to Mitchell to pick up my two nieces. Once we turned on Hwy #52 I started to get anxious. So I started to pray out loud and then in quiet until we got to my brother’s house. Both girls came out with their bags packed and ready to leave. Vanessa and I just looked at each other and I thought, “OK, if these girls believe that Lisa’s passport is there waiting for us, then I will not doubt God.”
We got into the car and drove to Steinbach. My sister-in-law had already gone there to check on the mail. When we got closer, we could see Katja standing on the sidewalk and waiving, guess what? Yep, she was waiving Lisa’s passport!!!! Oh boy, there was crying and laughing and screaming… Once we calmed down a bit (if you can call it calm!) we huddled together on the sidewalk and tried to praise God for this miracle. But there were not many words to say. How do you express in words what your brain can barely fathom? WOW, WOW, WOW!!!
We had such a super trip and such a great time, even though it rained the whole weekend. No, it didn’t just rain, it poured… real hard… We got soaked more than once. But everything kind of pales in comparison at how this trip started. The praise & worship and everything we heard at the conference was so much sweeter and so much more personal to the four of us.
I am so glad I asked Lisa to come along. Yes, Lisa, I really am. We all would have missed out on this special experience with God.
“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21 NLT (emphasis mine)

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