A New Year – A New Blog

It has taken me well over five months to finally get to this point where I can present to you my new blog/website. I’m still working on it, so if you notice any changes in the next few weeks, that’s the reason for it. But I thought I would not wait until it’s perfect, I’ll just start up blogging once again on a regular basis even if it’s not perfect.

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I’m so glad it’s 2014! I couldn’t wait for 2013 to be over. Don’t get me wrong, it was not a bad year. On the contrary, it was a very exciting year. It was a year of stepping out unto uncharted territories one exciting step after the other. 2013 was a year of constant changes. And I don’t do so well with constant changes… I love consistency. I love routine and a set schedule. I love to know what’s coming and I love to have a plan.

But 2013 was different, oh so different!

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Where you’re looking upon yourself and your life from the outside and you ask yourself: Is this for real? This is what I felt most of 2013. It was a very fast-paced year. When I just got used to being an empty nester, and I actually enjoyed it, things changed and a child came home. When I was content and comfortable with ministries I was involved in, I was called to step out of my comfort zone and take on new and different responsibilities.

I learned so much this past year, that it’s hard to summarize it. But I’ll try. Here it goes:

  1. Change can be a good thing. The sooner I embrace it and make the best out of it, the better it is for me and everyone around me. Today I regret the weeks I spent/lost not doing so.
  2. It’s hard to give up the familiar and comfortable. If I resist to leave it I’m not doing myself a favour. I’m missing out on growing as a person. I’m stuck, and not moving forward. I’m not learning!
  3. New circumstances, new responsibilities in life are exciting! Uncharted territory doesn’t have to be a scary place. Learning and expanding your horizon are necessary in order to move on!
  4. Twitter, Facebook pages, MailChimp and website design are all manageable! There are books at the library to guide me through the start up phases.
  5. Children that left home as children and return as grown ups a year later aren’t so bad. It’s different in the house. Yes, that’s true, but it’s good.
  6. Countless little (and not so little) changes in my job required that I don’t dig in my heels but be positive and embrace the challenges and the new.
  7. At the end of 2013 I realized that I’ve read less than any other year before. And I knew that has to change. I’m not a happy camper when I don’t read.

That’s enough of looking back. It’s good to take stock before moving on. I do have a whole set of New Year’s resolutions. But that’s for another post.

Today I’m grateful for new beginnings, a New Year, new notebooks and journals that are waiting to be filled, so many new adventures that are waiting for me. Isaiah 43:19 says:

“Look, I am about to do something new. Now it begins to happen! Do you not recognize it? Yes, I will make a road in the desert and paths in the wilderness.” (NET Bible)

Isn’t that exciting to hear?

Are you looking forward to 2014? Embrace it, embrace the changes that are coming, embrace the challenges that are meant for you. Don’t dismiss it, don’t resist.

A very happy & blessed New Year to all my readers!


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