A wild ride anyone?

Do you want a wild ride? Then you gotta let go of the steering wheel!!!

Last night we started our new Bible study by Beth Moore on the topic of “Inheritance”. Now you might want to know how a wild ride has anything to do with “Inheritance”. Good question. I’m still chewing on all that since I heard it yesterday. But here is what I know:

I’m in a season of changes. Come to think of it, I’ve been in this season for a few years now…

Over three years ago my oldest daughter, barely 19 years old at that time, decided to move out. I guess that started my season of BIG changes. I was pretty much in control of my little family until then. Do I dare to say this? I ran a pretty tight ship. There was “Zucht und Ordnung”. At least most of the time. And when things wanted to get out of control, I was able to get it all back on track because of my immensely great talent of organizing. If you were looking in from the outside, our household might have seen chaotic. But I tell you: there was order in the chaos! If people asked me, how I managed as a full-time working mom, my standard answer always was: “It’s only a matter of organization!” And boy, was I good at that.

But through my daughter’s move my Heavenly Father started to teach me to let go. To not always be in control. And it seems I haven’t learned this lesson yet… You’d think three years might be enough for that one, hey? But apparently not…

Last year my second daughter felt the calling from God to interrupt her studies and spend 5 months with YWAM in Europe. That was a good test for letting go. And I failed miserably. I ordered travel books and maps for my kid so she would know where she was going (and me, too, of course!). I booked the flights, took care of the insurance, the visa, the money transfers, I even packed her suitcase, for crying out loud!!! Now if that is not controlling, I don’t know what is.

Of course, my excuse was that my daughter was working two jobs, then one job, but shift-work. And she was working to the very last day before she left.

Yes, those were valid reasons for me to “help” her. But did I? I’m not so sure after yesterday’s lesson.

I do believe that God has a plan for each person on this earth. And I do believe that I have been put on planet Earth in this exact generation for a purpose. I am no accident. And neither are my kids. Now they have started to make their own decisions, and they are even asking themselves what God’s plan is in their life.

Why does it have to be my way? Why do I think that God would not speak to my kids when he does speak to me? I mean, I do rely on God and his voice to tell me what to do and when and how to do it. So why can’t I trust God to do the same for my kids? They’ve got to learn on their own to hear God’s voice and then follow in obedience. Will they get it right every time? Probably not. Neither do I. But it’s sure worth the try!

It sure is a wild ride to see God in my life. And Beth Moore is right, it’s only a wild ride if someone else is driving! As long as I cling to the steering wheel and make the turns that I THINK need to be made, as long as I decide which road to take, it’s not wild. Nope. Not at all. But as soon as God takes control and I finally let go… WOW… that’s all I have to say.

And I do want the same wild ride for my kids. So I have to let the steering wheel go…

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