A Year in Pictures

2015 has been a year of incredible changes, both happy and hard. Before I launch into a new year I like to look back. Here are a few highlights:

My year started out with cleaning, sorting, purging our main basement room and creating a sleeping space for one of my daughters.

IMG_02672015 was supposed to be my sabbatical year. But it seems I had to ease into a real sabbatical year with a year that I call a “bridge year.” Now that I’m at the end of this bridge and going into my actual sabbatical year, I see how much I needed this year in-between. I needed to calm down, to heal emotionally, gain much needed focus and strength.

The most significant change, however, occurred when I had to look for a different job after 12+ years in a job I truly loved. But this change turned out to be the biggest challenge but also an incredible blessing. I did not think it would turn out so well. But God knew! And the way He has provided daily strength and joy on this journey is nothing short of a miracle.







This precious boy, my Prince, has occupied much of my “spare time.” He came for a number of sleepovers, visited me at the office, accompanied me on numerous walks; he has truly been the highlight of my year! He might not remember all the fun we had, but I sure have the photos to prove it!













This year included some challenges that came with a stress fracture in my left foot, a hit and run to my vehicle, and of course some further health issues.

But this was also the year of a few firsts: my first cross-country skiing, my first soccer game in a stadium, my first trip to downtown Toronto, a first live Jets hockey game…

There were two trips with family:

  • the Living Proof event in Fargo, ND and
  • Women of Faith in St. Paul, MN.

We celebrated my son-in-law’s 30th birthday at our house, and my kids and I celebrated my birthday in November. There was the annual “camping with the clan” in summer and a number of family gatherings.

It makes me smile to see how many times I spent with my children. I feel blessed that they still enjoy my company. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for my family. These young adults provided encouragement and support through a turbulent year. 2015 in a nutshell? Extremely THANKFUL!

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