And I Wasn’t Even Aware of It! – Part 1

There is this story in Genesis 28. It’s about Jacob and his encounter with God. The 28th chapter starts out with a description of some family dynamics. Jacob had cheated and received the firstborn’s blessing from his father Isaak. And then it says that both, Isaak and Rebekah did not want Jacob to marry any of the “local Hittite women” (Genesis 27:46) And so they agreed to send Jacob to Rebekah’s family.
And from Verse 10 on it describes Jacob’s journey. “He left Beersheeba and traveled toward Haran.” It got late and at sundown he stopped for the night. It says that “Jacob found a stone to rest his head against” and he fell asleep. He had this amazing dream about a stairway that reached from earth to heaven. “And he saw angels of God going up and down the stairway. At the top of the stairway stood the LORD.” And here Jacob received a message from God, an assurance that God will bring him back, and that God will not leave him until he has received everything God has promised to him.”
When Jacob woke up from his sleep, he said, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” It also says that Jacob was afraid. And so in the morning Jacob builds this altar and makes a vow to God.
What struck me here was the phrase, “and I wasn’t even aware of it!”  I was not even aware of it! How often do I go through my day without being aware of something? There might be this stain on my shirt, and I’m not aware of it, and so I go throughout my day without being aware of it. There’s someone sick in my family, and I am not aware of it. There’s a friend, who’s been going through many difficulties, and I was not aware of it. My kid is close to failing a subject in school, and I am not aware of it until the report card is brought home and very hesitatingly given to me.
I find that the reason for it lies in the priorities I set for my day. I am so busy and distracted with so many other things, that I’ve stopped calling this family member, I’ve stopped emailing my friend. I neglected to check up on my kid’s progress in school. I was so busy in the morning and my head was already in full gear with all the things that had to happen that day, and I didn’t check myself in the mirror before leaving home.
How do I scale down my distractions? Unnecessary, useless things I do day to day? How do I become more aware of things that really matter in my life?
Have you gone through the day without being aware of something/someone? What do you do to stay in touch with family, with friends? Leave me a comment, and we’ll talk more about this topic in Part 2 on Friday.

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