And I Wasn’t Even Aware of IT! Part 2

If you missed part 1, you can read it here
Lets get back to the Scripture passage in Genesis 28. I’m sure Jacob’s head was full of all kinds of thoughts, worries, fears… You see, Jacob was sent away by his parents not just because they wanted him to get a wife in Haran, where his uncle lived. If you glance back to Genesis 27:41 it says that because of Jacob’s cheating, his twin brother Esau hated him. Esau started to scheme on how to kill his twin brother. But Rebekah, their mother, got wind of it and so the plan was made to send Jacob away, not just to get him a bride, but also to get him to safety.
So here is Jacob on his way to his uncle’s place. He’s tired, I’m sure his head is spinning. Thoughts about his family, leaving his parents and not knowing if he’ll ever see them again. I’m sure there was also fear of his brother Esau. Will he come after me? And with his head full of all these thoughts he gets down to sleep. And here he has this wonderful dream: he sees a ladder that reaches from earth into heaven and angels walking up and down that ladder. And at the top of it stands God and introduces himself to Jacob as the God of his grandfather Abraham and his father Isaak. God gives Jacob this reassuring message, that He will also be His God, He will not leave him, He will take care of him. He gives Jacob promise after promise.
And then Jacob wakes up and exclaimes: “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” In the midst of all his troubles that he got himself in, all the fear of his brother and the grief about parting with his parents, he realizes that God is right there, on that ground, in that very spot. And he wasn’t even aware of it.
You see, it’s not just that I’m not aware of things in my life – as I mentioned in Wednesday’s post – no, it’s also that I’m not aware of God in my situation, in my fear of something or someone, in my grief about something or someone lost.
Just this morning I prayed to God, I was so discouraged about my fatigue. It has been so bad lately. And I told him how tired I was of constantly being tired. And then I remembered this Scripture: “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” God is in our situation as well. He IS there! The problem is, I’m not always aware of it. WOW, I just have to sit back and chew on this for a while.
God is actually here. I’m not left alone with my troubles, with whatever my thoughts are occupied with. God is there. I so want to be aware of it. Do you?

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