Are you trying to do it all on your own?


Last month I wrote about my grocery shopping experience. This is only the tip of the iceberg when doing life on your own.

I like to be self-sufficient, plan it all out, and then concentrate on getting it done! The problem with that is I can’t control everyone and everything in my life. There will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan.

Sometimes a child gets sick, other times I am just too exhausted after one hour of shopping with the kids that I don’t even want to tackle further items on my list.

But being a single mom means there is no one else to pick up those items left on my to-do list. Either I get them done or they won’t get done. That can be frustrating. Now imagine this going on week after week with no break in sight.

As a single, full-time working mom my time to run errands is mostly on Saturdays. There’s shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking and (on very rare occasions) baking. If it doesn’t happen on a Saturday, I have had a hard time fitting it in during the week.

I received much help from my family over the years. Most of the times I had to ask for it, and that was hard for me.

Looking back I know I didn’t always ask nicely. It wasn’t because I didn’t know how to ask nicely. No. It was mostly because I was stretched, to the point of breaking, that there wasn’t much left in me to ask/to do it nicely.

There were things I couldn’t do myself and no way around asking for help. Like pick up a dryer in the store or connect a dishwasher in the kitchen. Oil and tire changes and anything else car related was another area I needed help with.

It is messy being a single mom.

Do you have a hard time asking for help? I certainly did and still do. How do you handle it? Do you have it figured it? Please share in the comments.



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