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I’ve been without kids for a few months now. And it’s been great!

Well, don’t get me wrong, I miss them a lot. While the kids were at home, I didn’t think we talked all that much. But it turns out we did.

Oh the things you realize about yourself and your kids once they’re not in the house anymore…

One thing that I realized is that I have to do EVERYTHING myself. There’s no one to boss around anymore (LOL)! And of course, since I have to do it all myself, it takes me longer to finish something. I missed my “little gofer” when I was doing my renovations. For every little thing I needed, I had to get down the ladder and go and get it myself. Even the painting took me at least twice as long as it used to. Well, even the cooking takes longer if you have to do it all yourself!!!

But I’m learning. Last time I cooked I had it all on the counter before I even started. So there you go. It just means that the prep times are longer. But the cooking itself didn’t take long.

It’s snowing today. Guess what that means? I’ve got to shovel the snow all by myself!

But being on my own also has its perks. I can come and go as I please. I can eat (or not) whenever/whatever I like to. The rooms that I’ve cleaned and organized after the renovations actually stay clean. I only have to “maintain” them. So there’s no frantic clean ups anymore when someone decides to stop by. I remember one Saturday a few years ago, bossing the kids around re cleaning, and one of them asked: “Mom, who’s coming over that we have to clean so much?” That particular day no one was coming over, I had just had enough of the mess we were in, but that phrase became an inside joke in my family.

The first few weeks I had a really hard time with being on my own. Here it is. I admit to that. And I did have a few pity parties, I admit to that as well. But I’ve decided to concentrate on what I’ve got and not what’s missing. And there is so much to be grateful for!

Have a great & blessed pre-Christmas week everyone!

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