Europe 2012 – Part 4

One more post about the beautiful island of Ruegen! And then I’ll move on to the other parts of Germany/Europe that I had seen…

My second hike through the Jasmund National Park didn’t take me all day, so I had decided to continue on to Lohme, a little village on the coast. It was a Saturday, and I had not checked the bus schedule ahead of time, so once I arrived in Lohme, I found out there was only one more bus going back to Sassnitz, and I had 2 hours to wait. I decided to have supper in the village.
It was interesting to observe that most Restaurants offered a lot of fish and potatoes as side dish. I guess the Ruganer people like their potatoes. 

There’s a British u-boat in the harbour of Sassnitz, and can be visited.

The island is famous for their villas.

This is Sellin, personally my favourite little city on the island. I had rented one of those “beach baskets” (Strandkorb) and spent a whole afternoon on this beach. The temperatures were low 20C, and since it was a Sunday, there were many families out there on the beach.

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