Europe 2012

Part 1

I realized that I haven’t shared any pictures of my recent trip to Europe. I was gone three week. So I’ll start with some pictures of my first week.

At the airport in Winnipeg.

We flew into Amsterdam, and took the train to Delden. But got only to Hengelo, where we waited and waited for the train to Delden. There were announcements, but all in Dutch, and we didn’t get that the train had been cancelled. So after about 15 min or so past the scheduled train arrival I finally went to check it out. In the end my daughter got picked up from Hengelo. We were both soooo tired. We flew theday after my other daughter’s wedding. I wonder who’s idea was that?

From Hengelo I continued on to Berlin. This is the view out of my hotel window, just across from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station). Lots of construction. The hotel I stayed in is called Motel One. Brand new, very pretty, very practical and at a decent price.

The following day I was leaving from the underground train station. It’s quite the train station they’ve built there. Long escalators bring you to the different “floors” of the train station.

I admired the design and construction of this underground train station. And at the same time got an arriving high speed train in this picture.

I saw lots of people board the train with their bikes. It seems to be very popular.
My destination was Sassnitz on the beautiful island of Ruegen.

I walked from the train station to Villa Eveline, where I was staying. And when I got to this point, I couldn’t believe that I had to climb the stairs on the left of the road with my luggage. Villa Eveline is at the top of the road, the off-white building on the right.

Here a closer view of the villa.

My first walk through the city brought me to the harbor. Lots of steps to go.

Colorful boats.

This boat was called “Luft und Liebe” (Air and Love)

An Italien couple strolling down the “Molle”. Since it was September, the families had left, and it seemed that there were only couples on the island, with the odd single inbetween…

Late afternoon sun on the water. Magical!

It was green, not the usual blue!

From the distance…
This concluded my first day on the island of Ruegen. More to come…

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