Glorious Impossible

This morning I woke up with this phrase in my head: Glorious Impossible. I couldn’t quite understand why these words were playing in my mind. Then it hit me: Glorious Impossible! Just the combination of these two words seems conflicting. What’s so glorious about impossible?

GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE. Can you hear it? Repeat it out loud if you need to: Glorious Impossible!

As I kept repeating these two words over and over during my morning routine I was reminded of the circumstances I’m facing, problems I’m dealing with, dreams I have. It occurred to me that most of them (if not all) have the word “impossible” attached to it.


It’s interesting how God works in our lives. I hadn’t realized that He had a theme going for the last few weeks. I was reminded once again: God is in the business of Glorious Impossible!

A few weeks ago I came across a lesson on the patriarch Abraham. He faced many “impossibles” in his life. Abraham also saw one impossible turn into possible when God fulfilled His promise of an heir. Isaac was the “glorious impossible” in Abraham’s life.

Two weeks ago we screened the film “Mary of Nazareth” at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival, a great film on the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. As the angel appears to Mary and announces the birth of the ultimate “Glorious Impossible,” he finishes his speech with “For nothing is impossible with God.” How does Mary respond? She replies, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.”

This scene reminded me of a blog post I wrote last year. It seems God has been trying to get my attention on this topic a lot longer than I thought.

Beth Moore writes in The Patriarchs,

“Many times when God told me through His Word and prayer to believe Him for something very specific, over time the outlook on the matter dwindled from good to slim to utterly impossible before He brought it to pass. Keith and I are facing such a matter right now. In fact, this morning the situation seemed to hit the ‘impossible’ category. While my stomach churned with concern, a smirk crossed my face as I thought, it might be prime time for the God show. He wants to make absolutely sure that we know He’s the one who fulfills divine promises.”

Coming back to my circumstances and all the impossibles I’m facing, I know only God can turn them around. If I learned anything from God over the last eight years it’s this: His timing is perfect and His way of solving my Impossibles is the best way. On one hand I struggle with impatience, with wanting to solve it myself, with rushing and manipulating the impossibles in my life. On the other hand I am excited to see how God will turn it around. I’m looking forward to seeing Him perform the miracle of GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE in my life.

Today I choose to believe my God for the GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE!

“We will rarely be able to conclude that any God-given destiny simply followed a natural course of events.” Beth Moore

What about you? Are you facing any impossibles right now? Why not trust God with it and believe the words the angel spoke to Mary: “For nothing is impossible with God.”


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