Having Trouble to Start Something Again?

Today, for the first time in a long time I got up at 5:30 am and was so surprised how dark it was outside. When did this happen? It’s just been 9 days since I last was up at 5:30 am, and what a difference it makes. I guess, if I want to run, I’ll have to start running on my treadmill again. It’s just no fun to run in the dark. No fun…
And as I was running this morning I had to think of a question that I’ve asked myself so many times: Why is it so hard to start running again after my routine has been interrupted? It’s not the first time that I’ve really had to force myself to first of all get up that early in the morning and then put on my running stuff and go. And it’s not just with running or exercising in general, not it goes into other areas of my life as well. When I think of my eating habits. From Monday to Friday I don’t have a problem to eat good and healthy, but come weekend, and I’m kind of all over the place with my food. And then comes Monday again, and I promise myself this week will be different, including the weekend. But Friday night rolls around and here I am again, in my old pattern…
And of course, I had to think about the time I spend with God in prayer and reading the Bible. If I skip one day, it’s very easy to skip a second and third day and before I know it, I’ve gone without any time with God for a whole week. And to start it up is always a challenge for me. I love to have a routine. But a routine cannot be sustained in my/our kind of lifestyle, with all the stress and hectic and constant changes. And if you through into that mix a health issue or two and you can forget about a long-term routine.
What I’ve learned about this in the past few years is, that I have to keep my goals and my priorities straight and up front and center. I have to hold on to them. And whatever I face, whatever situation I’m in, I try to do my best to fit it into my day, whether it’s working out or eating right or spending time with God in His Word. Sometimes it’s a day by day thing, where I’ve got to ask myself daily: What is important to me today? What do I need to do first? And whatever it is, I’ve learned to pray this prayer from Lysa Terkeurst’s book “What happens when women say Yes to God”:
“Lord, I want to know you!
Lord, I want to see you today!
Lord, I want to hear you today!
And no matter what happens today, I say Yes to you!”
Have a great & blessed Wednesday everyone!

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