Last week I went to a concert with Don Moen and Laura Story. It was called “An Evening of Hope.” Having just gone through a tragedy merely a few days before the concert, my heart longed for some hope.  Every song, every word spoken was directed at me, at my circumstances. Have you ever had that happen to you? It was like they knew  you would be there. It was like they knew exactly what was going on in your life!

It might seem creepy. Or weird.

But since I believe in a God who is very personal and loves me very much, I believe He had prepared this concert as a treat for me. God wanted me to know that He is still in control of my life. He is and will hold all the strings of my life. No matter what had just happened. No matter what is happening right now. No matter what will happen tomorrow.

One song that especially touched my heart was “Uncharted Territory”. There have been so many “firsts” for over a year now. It just doesn’t seem to end… And so I’ve been finding myself constantly on “uncharted territory”. If that’s your case as well, be encouraged. God is with you right where you are right now! Sit back and take in “Uncharted Territory” by Don Moen.

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