"How to be Perfect"

Two years ago I picked up a book because of its title: “How to be Perfect” by Daniel M. Harrell

The title intrigued me and when I read that it was on the Bible book of Leviticus, I just couldn’t wait to read it. A few months prior to buying this book I had read through the book of Leviticus as part of the chronological Bible reading. So this book of the Bible was still fresh in my mind.

Harrell says, “For Jews, and thus for Jesus, Leviticus is the pivotal book of the Hebrew Bible. It’s impossible to fully comprehend such key New Testament terms as sacrifice, atonement, or blood without some understanding of Leviticus. To obey Jesus is to obey Leviticus.”

Now that’s a statement! But Harrell, a longtime pastor, didn’t just want to teach to his congregation out of the book of Leviticus. He also wanted to obey it. He wanted to know what it would look like today to obey the book of Leviticus. He “recruited 19 church members to join him in a commitment to spend 30 days living Levitically. Holiness was their ultimate goal, but so was experiencing the overwhelming need for God’s grace.”

“How to be Perfect” describes this group’s 30-day journey to obey Leviticus. They also shared their experiences online (Facebook, in blogs posts etc). There are chapters such as “Bad Skin is Sin” and “Does Getting Worked Up About the Sabbath Count as Work?” Or what about the chapter on “Loving Your Neighbor with an Unshaven Face” or “Levitical Side Effects (aka Guilt Trips)”. Or wouldn’t you want to know what the chapter called “Loading the Goat” is all about?

Harrell’s writing style is witty and refreshing. Honestly, I loved reading this book! It gave me a whole new perspective on a book in the Bible that most of us dread to read.

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