How to Camp in Style – in pictures

How about some pictures from that camping trip?

The woods behind our tent.
Our first hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
On our first hike we got above the tree line. It’s one thing to know things in theory and a whole different matter when you’re actually experiencing it. We read in the hiking books that it’s best to avoid being above the tree line in the mountains around 1or 2 pm because of the thunderstorms and the danger of lightning. But on our first hike we didn’t pay much attention to it. We were so high up when the storm hit, that we saw only snow. On our way down we met people that had been surprised by the rain and were soaking wet. But not us. Ignorance was bliss once again!
great rivers and brooks on one of our many hikes. Breathtaking scenery!
This lake was the destination on one of our hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Breakfast cooking AND eating became quickly one of the highlights of this trip.

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