Living with the Tension of Children & Job

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Summers in Manitoba: The kids are off school, but I still have to work. My holidays don’t go far when it comes to summer school break. I’m a single parent. What do I do with my children for these seemingly endless 9-10 weeks of no-school.

There are options, that’s true. But most of them cost money which I don’t have. I can only afford one week of camp for one child. How do I pick and choose who goes to camp and who doesn’t?

So I find activities for my three children that won’t cost any money and for the most part keeps them together. It’s a hard task. I am not always successful. Some years I don’t have the energy to research and find new and interesting activities for the summer.

Many of these “free” activities, however, run during regular office hours. Often my children are the first ones there, waiting for the program to start. Usually I call ahead and make sure it’s ok for my kids to be there early, at times over an hour early, because I have to be back at the office. My kids are the first ones there and also the last ones to leave…

Today I was reminded how hard it was to leave my kids there… waiting…

Today I saw a boy… waiting… just like my kids used to. He was dropped off by his mother almost an hour before the start of the volleyball camp that is taking place at this church. And my heart ached for him. He didn’t look too happy. The camp leaders hadn’t arrived yet, there was no equipment set out so he could do something. He had to wait because his mom had to leave him there.

There was a sadness about his demeanor, his body language told me waiting was part of his life, too. When he saw me, he really tried to be brave, but his eyes told a different story.

I pray today for this mother and this boy. I don’t know their circumstances. I don’t know if this mom is a single mom, or a married mom with a job, maybe even a full-time job.

I pray this mom and this boy will not only survive, but thrive in their lives. I pray for God to show them how much He loves them and how much He cares about all of their lives, the big and especially the little details. I pray they would both be encouraged and receive an extra portion of hope, a hope that lifts their spirits and anchors their souls deep within the One and Only Savior, Jesus Christ.

Are you a working mom? How do you solve the “problem” of school breaks?

Do you struggle during these long summer months? Leave me a comment and I will pray for you and your child(ren).




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