Monday’s Prayer

It seems my to-do list stretches miles and miles long. It’s all in my head. I can’t seem to get it in order. I struggle to make sense of it. I need clarity. I can’t go on with this mess in my head.

I've got nothing.Creative Commons License OUCHcharley via Compfight

Ever been there? Do you want to know what helped me over and over again to gain clarity and clean up my mess?

  1. Write. It. Down. This is huge! It’s like a release button is pushed in my brain once I put one item after another on paper.
  2. Organize your list.  It helps me to see what needs to be done in each category.
  3. Group chores. It helps to have a strategy to avoid repeats and reduce waste of time to a minimum.
  4. Prioritize. Decide what you’ll do first, second etc.
  5. Assign responsibilities. If you have someone to help you, enjoy this bonus!
  6. Set deadlines. Never underestimate this one. “Some day” is not a deadline.
  7. PRAY. Bend your knees and present your list to your Heavenly Father. Ask Him to for strength to see these chores through. He will not disappoint you.

Don’t worry about anything; 

instead, pray about everything.

Tell God what you need,

and thank Him for all He has done.

Philippians 4:6 (New Living Translation)

Here’s a song to start you in your prayer. At the end, add your own requests.

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