Monday’s Prayer

Some days I’m amazed at how God works. How He shows His love and faithfulness to us in the midst of a mess.

Yesterday was such a day.

We are in the middle of kitchen renovations. It’s been three weeks without a kitchen. We were able to use the fridge and stove, as well as some small electrical appliances. But this past week the mess in our house just got to all of us.

One after another started experiencing cold systems. We were supposed to paint the kitchen before Friday. On Friday the new flooring would come in. But because all of us were feeling sick it just didn’t happen.

On Friday night my daughter helped me paint two walls before the kitchen cabinets would come in on Saturday morning. It was so humid the paint didn’t dry properly. And so this paint job turned out horribly wrong.

It was kind of the culmination of many frustrations that came to a peek on Saturday. Late that night we realized we didn’t have a slice of bread in the house, the stove was unavailable to cook breakfast, there was no room to connect the coffeemaker anywhere and on and on it went.

I went to bed frustrated and discouraged. But Sunday morning came, and with it came a ray of hope.

We decided to go out for breakfast. After some back and forth discussions on where to go we decided on Stella’s on Sherbrook. On our way we passed the Westminster church. Jokingly I said to the girls, “I wonder what time their service is? Why don’t we visit this church after breakfast?”

In the end we did. And that is where Jesus showed up for me. Take a look at the Scripture that was read:

Matt 11-28-30

This Scripture encouraged me and helped me see my circumstances in a different light. Jesus saw everything last week. He knew about the frustrations, the sickness, the fatigue… He wanted to show me His love. That’s what yesterday’s Sunday morning was to me. An embrace and encouragement.

And so I am going into this week with Jesus’ words resonating in my head and in my thoughts. Here is today’s prayer:

Lord Jesus,

thank you for the invitation to come as I am, weary and carrying heavy burdens. Thank you for your promise to give me rest.

You are offering to teach me because You are humble and gentle at heart. I trust You, and I love you, Jesus.

Thank you for the rest you provide for my soul.

Thank you that I’m not alone in my circumstances.

Thank you for Your offer to team up in this yoke. And because I’m teamed up with You, Jesus, Your yoke is easy to bear and the burden I receive from You is light.

Thank you for showing me Your love. Thank you for Your encouragement.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen



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