Mondays with Nehemiah

And off to work we go…

Nehemiah chapter 2 finished with Nehemiah’s reply to his opposition, Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem the Arab. Nehemiah said to them,

“The God of heaven will help us succeed.
We, his servants, will start rebuilding this wall.
 But you have no share, legal right or historic claim in Jerusalem.”

And so in chapter 3 we see the people getting to work. All 32 verses of that chapter describe the sections of the wall that people worked on. People from all walks of life repaired the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah seemed to have had a great plan for this project. Verse 5 mentions that there were construction supervisors in place. People worked enthusiastically on this project. It must have been a sight to see!!!

But even there, in the midst of all the excitement, we find in verse 5 that the people of Tekoa worked on a part of the wall, but “their leaders refused to work with the construction supervisors.” I wonder what their issue was? Did they think the same way we sometimes do?

If I don’t get to have a say in it, then I won’t participate.
If I don’t get to be the manager here, then I’ll go somewhere else where my expertise is valued.
If I…
If I…

I’m glad to see that the people of Tekoa did not have the same attitude as their leaders. They willingly submitted to the leadership of the construction supervisors and did the work that we so badly needed.

The leaders of Tekoa could learn a thing or two from their own people. I’m glad to see that they took part in this project despite their leaders’ attitude. The people saw that the need was bigger than the leaders’ issues. The people did not feel safe, they saw the danger every day. It didn’t matter to them that their leaders and the construction supervisors didn’t get along. They saw the need, and they wanted to do something about it. And they did.

Sometimes I got to swallow my pride and my way of thinking and just get down to business, get up from my high horse and get down to work. And yes some things might not get done my way, but who says that my way is the only way?

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do it all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31 NLT

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