My God is Faithful!

We are working on the 2014 Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. The last weeks and months have been spent previewing films. Each year there is at least one film that hits home more than others. It touches a nerve and doesn’t leave me alone. It’s no different this time around. I can’t reveal which film did it to me again since the official selection and announcement have not been completed yet.

One of the films I saw brought me back to this:

My God is faithful!


He is faithful when the sun shines, my job is going great, my kids’ lives are running smoothly.

He is faithful when I’m healthy.

BUT my God is also faithful when I’m left alone to raise three children ages 1, 3 and 5. Looking back over the last 18 years I’m filled with gratitude. He was there, never leaving us alone. No matter how hard it got, my God gave us all strength to carry on.

He is faithful when I have to leave one continent and move to another, and seven years later move across continents again. My God is faithful in all those new beginnings.

He is faithful when health starts to deteriorate, and one diagnosis chases the other and my list of diseases grows. He is faithful every day, supplying just what I need and the amount of strength I need to get through the day.

He is faithful when a friendship ends and I’m left with a broken heart. He is faithful through the days and weeks and months that follow. He gently collects the shattered pieces and glues it all back together. There are scars, but I’m able to face each with joy and peace in my heart.

He is faithful when suddenly I have to live on only a third of my previous salary. He steps in and provides from sources I didn’t even know existed.

My God is faithful. Always.

Hawk Nelson’s song “Faithful” expresses what I feel. Take the time to listen.

Faithful by Hawk Nelson


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