No Pity Party Here!

Last night I was kind of feeling down, my spirits were low and I just started to feel sorry for myself. Ever been there? And the “pity party” started to come together. One thought at a time. Finally I took my prayer journal and just started writing. But then I thought, “I better go to the Psalms in my Bible and see whether I can get out of this circle of thinking.”

So I grabbed my Bible and opened it to the Psalms. It opened to Psalm 68, and my eyes fell  on these verses: “Praise the LORD; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign LORD rescues us from death.” (Psalm 68:19-20 New Living Translation)

Boy, did that hit me hard. My God is a God who saves, and each day he carries me in his arms! How can I continue with this pity party? No way, not now!

You know, I just love it when God ends something real quick, like my “feeling sorry for myself” yesterday. I love it when He points me into the right direction without much fanfare! Sometimes I take the Bible and start reading and it takes a chapter, or two or three until I get some comfort or some encouragement. But not this time. This “pity party” had to be ended right away. And Zick-Zack-Boom, I opened my Bible, my eyes fell on this page, to these verses and I just couldn’t do anything else but start praising my God for saving me from this pattern of thinking.

Be encouraged! “Our God is a God who saves!” and “each day he carries us in his arms.”

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