On Weight Loss: Evenings & Weekends

It has been easier to stick to a certain meal plan/diet while at work. I’m not nearly as tempted during those 8 hours at work. I hardly ever crave anything. I busy myself with work, and those 8 hours are a breeze. At least when I compare them to my evenings and weekends.

When the evening comes, and especially the weekend I find it’s just very, very hard to stick to it. Unless I have a plan!

I can tell you from a few years of experience, that’s the only way I can and will stick to it.

I need a plan for the evening.

I need a plan for the weekend.

What will I do when I get home from work?
What will I eat?
Will I do some gardening?
Some reading?
Or will I even exercise after work?

Speaking of exercise, I need to plan that for the weekend as well! Otherwise it just won’t happen…

I have also found that the best way to stick to a plan is to write it down. There is a sense of accountability, even to yourself, when you write out a plan. It makes it official. You are saying to yourself you are serious about this plan.

If you are struggling with weight I encourage you to try it out. It will take a while to make it a habit. But you’ll see how much easier it will be to stick to a plan!

Do you want to reach a goal or do you just want to keep on wishing? A plan will make the difference!

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