Race Across America with a Difference (and a giveaway!)

What makes a man give up his life as he knows it and do something, well, really crazy? Like ultra-marathon cycling? Or taking in street children and over the years creating the largest family in the world?

There are many athletes who do ultra-marathon cycling. If you put your heart in it and do the training, you would also succeed in these races. What makes this race different? Because I got to know a man who races not for his glory, he races to make a difference.

I would like to introduce you to Arvid Loewen, 57 years old, a husband, father and grandfather, who finished the Race Across America (RAAM) today.

RAAM is the toughest bike race in the world. A 3000 miles (5000 km) single-stage ultra-marathon cycling race that starts in Oceanside, California and has to be finished in less than 12 days in Annapolis, Maryland.

Arvid finished RAAM for the second time today. Why would he go through this gruelling experience again? Arvid received a cause for his racing: the street children living in the largest family in the world: Mully Children’s Family. Since 2006 Arvid has been able to raise 2.5 million dollars for Mully Children’s Family. He has become a difference-maker for the many children under the care of Charles Mulli and his team.

Arvid’s motto?

“If we want less – we can give more.
Then we will receive everything: 
 the joy of knowing that we have made a difference.”

Arvid Loewen in one of his previous races.

This brings me to the second man, Charles Mulli, who also gave up everything because he met God who revealed a cause to him: go and rescue street children from the city streets and slums in Kenya.

Charles Mulli and his wife Esther

He used to be a street child himself, who was abandoned by his family. But God had a plan for this boy. He grew up and became a very successful businessman. This was not the end of God’s plan for him. God wanted Charles Mulli to care for abandoned children.

Charles Mulli’s life story was beautifully captured by Paul H. Boge in the book “Father to the Fatherless – The Charles Mulli Story” and the sequel “Hope for the Hopeless -The Charles Mulli Mission.”

Matthew Barnett says,

“We have to think big and act small. What that means is that God has given us a big cause – bigger than we can handle on our own and bigger than we can fulfill quickly. So what we have to do is act small – that is, engage in a series of small steps that add up to big impact.”

When I look at the lives of Arvid Loewen and Charles Mulli I can see how they’ve been doing exactly that. Both are great role models when it comes to complete surrender to God, to walking in obedience one step at a time, one day at a time. They both have shown me there is more to life than just accumulating stuff and living solely for myself. I have learned so much from watching one train hard and participate in ultra-marathons and read about Charles Mulli as he rescues children and makes a difference in their lives.

“You help change one life at a time, and if you are sufficiently persistent, you eventually find that many lives have been changed, one at a time.” Matthew Barnett

Has this story inspired you? Check out the websites for Arvid Loewen and the Charles Mully Family for more info & details.

Today I am giving away one set of the books signed by the author, Paul H. Boge. Leave me a comment by Tuesday, June 25, 10pm CST (Canada). The winner will be announced in Wednesday’s post.

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