Reading… Again…

In June of 2011 I read the book “The Cause Within You – Finding the one great thing you were created to do in this world” by Matthew Barnett. And it impacted me. But I find that reading it again, at least in part, I understand the message of this book better. I don’t think I was really ready for the message it had. It seems so much more relevant to me today, the situation I’m in.

Matthew Barnett shares his own story in this book. He “discovered the cause he was made for when he relinquished his dreams of success and began to listen for God’s dream for his life instead.” It is a very powerful story of obedience to God. Matthew Barnett founded the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

But Barnett also included many stories of people who’s lives have been changed at the Dream Center.

If you’re at the crossroads in life and need to read an encouraging story, this is it!

Have a great weekend everyone! And to all my Canadian readers: Have a great LONG weekend!

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