Reading this summer

Here is a book I wanted to read ever since it arrived in my mailbox:

The In-Between

I was curious about this book. What did Jeff Goins have to say about waiting? The title and subtitle intrigued me.

In “The In-Between” Goins points out the importance of waiting in our lives.

I loved Jeff Goins’ stories in the book. They taught him to slow down, to pause and pay attention to what was placed in front of him. His honest look at those lessons moved me to action: I want to pause more, I want to learn in the waiting.

Waiting is as much part of our lives as doing is. Both are equally important. But human nature doesn’t like waiting. Most of us prefer action.

Who has time to wait anyways? Who loves to wait? As long as we know what or who we are waiting for, the wait seems bearable. But when we find ourselves in the “in-between,” when we don’t know exactly what we are waiting for, that’s when it counts most what we do during our times of wait.

Waiting is not easy. It takes discipline in our culture to take the time to wait. Jeff Goins writes, “…while we wait for our callings to present themselves, they are waiting on us to wake up to the signs.”

Isn’t that the truth? Once we slow down we can read the road signs we are passing. We don’t miss the turn we’re supposed to take.

“…what if waiting was not simply some grand inconvenience, as we often treat it, but rather the very tool God uses to shape and change us?”

Just this morning I read in my news feed on Facebook: If nothing changes, nothing changes.

That’s not where I want to be. I want to move forward, even while waiting.

How about you? Do you find yourself “between now and the next big thing?” How do you deal with waiting?




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