by Lisa Whittle

I read this book in December of 2011 when it first was published.

I often look at the subtitle of a book to make a decision on whether to buy the book or not. In this case the subtitle reads:

An honest look at the holes in your life –
and how to let God fill them
Lisa Whittle’s “world was rocked to the core in a very public way, her faith and whole reason for living were challenged like never before.” During that time Whittle had to acknowledge the holes in her spiritual life. She writes from this raw place of having been there, of having lived through it…
And she goes much further than just talking about her own holes… Lisa Whittle calls the reader “to take an honest look at your own holes, discover how to fill them with God’s presence, and get to a real and vibrant place of wholeness instead.”

Just recently I mentioned to a friend that some years ago I had this feeling of having holes in my own life. At that time I was asking myself constantly: Is this all there is? Isn’t there more out there for me? Isn’t there more to life than this?

My life had many holes. I craved more from life that what it offered me. I was not in a place where I lived in the “Now”. And these thoughts, these cravings just bred more discontent, more unhappiness.

How did I ever get whole?

The day I signed up for the first Beth Moore Bible study was the first step towards wholeness. Lisa Whittle writes,

“When we ourselves are devoid of a thriving, authentic relationship with God, we lose the ability to represent Jesus well. Only Jesus can replace synthetic religious hearts with spiritual vibrancy…
Our holes prevent us from being believable. Our influence loses its viability, and Jesus becomes merely a legendary figurehead instead of the living, powerful rescuer He truly is.”

This was my story as well. I did not have an authentic relationship with Jesus. I did not take time to spend in God’s Word and to pray. And so more and more holes developed in my life.

Looking back, I can see how God is using everything, absolutely everything that I’ve been through to make me whole. Sometimes it felt like the storm would never end. The rains were pouring down on me…

“The rains, even the most torrential, cleanse our hearts of the muck that makes us think we need something besides Him to complete us. Truly, it is an act of grace.” (Lisa Whittle)

Every difficult experience is now part of my wholeness. Isn’t that amazing? Only God – in His infinite love and grace – could do such a miracle!

How about you? Any holes in your life that need attention?

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