The Break is Over!

I took a bit of a break from many things… From most things online, like email, facebook and this blog. But then I also took a break from excercising, which is – of course – not such a good thing.
On the other hand I read three books over the last 2 weeks. Very exciting books. I’ll let you know about these exciting books in the next few weeks.
I also did some sewing and knitting during this break of mine. And while I did the knitting, I watched a few seasons of MI-5. I discovered them at the public library. Have you ever seen this TV series? I find it fascinating. I like politics, international affairs, good spy stories… This was so different from any political series I’ve seen so far. I love the British cool demeanor, it’s just priceless. Especially when you’re so used to this overly dramatically presented US-shows. And then the British humor!!! Oh my, so different, so different! I still have a season and a half to watch. That’s all that was available at the library.
I finished a quilt for one of my nieces. I had done the top in summer, but hadn’t finished it. And then another niece announced sometime in December that she was going away to study. So I decided to make her a quilt, filled with prayers. I called it a prayer quilt. My daughter asked me where I would put the prayers (so funny, right?). I told her I filled the quilt with prayers while I was sewing it. Her reply was: That makes sense. I guess, she got what I meant. People are knitting prayer shawls, so why not make a prayer quilt, right?
My oldest daughter is engaged. Yeah! I bought my first bridal magazine. What a different experience just reading through that magazine… The wedding is barely 7 months away. That means my break is really over!
But on the other hand, I’ve also thought about and planned a few New Year’s resolutions for 2012. So here are the main ones:
       In 2010 and 2011 I read the whole Bible in chronological order. I’ve done it twice now and decided to take a break from that for this year. Instead I found in one of my books by N. T. Wright a really good suggestion: To read the book of Proverbs 12 times. It has 31 chapters. So it’s basically a chapter a day, except for those months that have less than 31 days. But that’s manageable and I’m looking forward to this experience.
       For the last 3 years I’ve been memorizing 2 Scriptures a month. And they were all kind of randomly chosen, mostly no pattern to it. I’ve decided to change that and instead memorize a few chapters of the Bible. I will start with the book of Ephesians and will see where that gets me.
       Now talking about memorizing: I do most if not all of my memorizing while I’m on the treadmill. So that will get me going again. Literally. Some days, when I don’t walk/run on my treadmill, I really miss the time of memorizing. So that get’s me on there again. Weird, hey? Well, that’s me.
       I’m also going to do the online Bible study that’s organized by Good Morning Girls. It’s on the book of Ephesians (there’s the connection to memorizing it). If you’re looking to do a study from the comfort of your home, that’s the way to go. There’s still time to register. It starts on January 16th.
Other than these things, I plan to do a bit more sewing and knitting. Once spring comes around, I’m planning to re-organize my flower beds in the front yard. And then there is the grad of one of my daughters, and then a wedding of another in August. I think that’ll keep me occupied and out of trouble.
But in order to stay focused and on track, I was reminded of this song “Don’t Miss the Glory” by Gordon Mote. Enjoy it! A very happy and blessed New Year!


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