The Crazy Life of One Weird Single Mom


I have always been reluctant to speak or write about my experiences as a single mom. “Who wants to know about the difficult roads with many a mountain to climb and serious challenges to overcome?” I often pondered. You would be surprised at how messy and ugly, heart breaking and just plain hard life can be for a single mom.

My daughters are adults now. To look on the experienced hardships and challenges now is easier. Looking back I can see so much clearer than when I was knee deep in the trenches. The fog of fatigue and sleepless nights lifted.

Some memories and experiences still hurt. But it’s not raw pain anymore. No. However, have you ever experienced that a scar can still itch and even hurt? Especially after you give in and rub the scar to get rid of itching? A great picture of how I feel about certain experiences. Is this the reason keeping me from sharing my stories thus far? Maybe.

Is there an upside to my story? You bet! I view myself as a living miracle, a survivor with a lot to smile about. Today, I am thriving because of what God did in my life. He turned my mourning into dancing.

Early on I decided not to become bitter. I turned this concern into a daily prayer: Lord, I don’t want to become bitter. I don’t want to become bitter. I prayed this prayer for years every single day.

What did I learn along the way? In order to dance my life doesn’t have to be perfect. I can dance in the storm, I can dance in the rain, and I most definitely can dance on a sunny day. I don’t need to wait for the sun to shine; I don’t want to wait for everything to be perfect in order to dance.

So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here on my blog. You will find a few posts each month on “The Crazy Life of One Weird Single Mom.”

If you have any topics you would like me to write about, contact me through my contact page. If you find my stories helpful, let me know as well in a comment.

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