How often do you say YES?

This was a morning like many others. I got up weary and discouraged. My morning routine got accomplished without much thinking. My only goal right from the start of day was to get through yet another day.

Then I checked my emails. And in one of them I read these words:

The word Yes is very expensive

Over the years I’ve said way too many times Yes without thinking about the value of my Yes. And I’ve learned this the hard way.

  1. I am not the only one equipped to do this. Some years ago I said No to organizing family gatherings. I had done it for many years, and after one particular gathering I made the decision not to do it any more. At first it created a bit of chaos, but eventually it all worked itself out. Our gatherings don’t look the same, but that’s ok, too. Different can be a good thing.
  2. I can still contribute but I don’t need to head it up. I have not perfected this one yet, I will admit it, but I’m learning.
  3. I don’t promise anything to anyone anymore unless I’m absolutely sure I can deliver. I’ll never forget this lesson my kids taught me. They would ask me for a favor, or to go some place or do something. I would halfheartedly say, “Sure, why not?” They’d follow up with, “You promise?” and I would reply again, “Sure, why not?” When the time came to do what I promised I would not remember that I had promised.  I’ve learned to choose my words carefully and I’ve made it a habit not to promise unless I’m sure I can keep my promise. There have been situations where I had to take back my promise, but they’ve been very few in-between.

I’m realizing more and more that I’m a steward of the time I’ve been given. As with every decision in our lives there are consequences to every Yes and every No affecting not only me, but also people around me.

How do you choose when to say Yes and when to say No?

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