Keep Your Mouth Shut! Don’t Say a Word!

I love to be right. Here, I said it. I love black and white, right and wrong. Most of the time I don’t hold back on telling people around me what’s right and what’s wrong, and it has gotten me in to more trouble than I’d like to admit.

These days a war is going on in my mind. For weeks now I have been thinking about the right and wrong of this situation. It has nothing to do with me. This person is doing something wrong, and if I’m really honest, it’s none of my business. I’m probably the only one who knows about the wrongdoing.

This morning I started mulling it over in my head, again… I got so worked up with the debate in my head that I barely missed what God was telling me.

“Keep your mouth shut!”

“Don’t say a word!”

Gulp! Did I hear that right? God, don’t you see what this person is doing? Don’t you see it’s not right. It simply isn’t right!

And again I felt God say, “Keep it shut! I don’t want you entangled in this mess.”

For a few hours I was still stewing on it. How could God let this slide?

I so wanted to help God out on this one. And I wanted this dealt with right here and now. I had my sentences ready in my mind for days now.

Then I started thinking about the real reason for being so upset with this situation.

What was it that set me off on this self-righteous trip? It turns out I am experiencing some injustice these days. It’s out of my hands. I can’t do much about it. And so by wishing someone would stand up for me and call out this wrong I thought I would score some points with people (and with God) by turning in this person’s wrongdoing.

It turns out, God doesn’t see it the same way. He doesn’t want me to say a word. He doesn’t want me in the fight. He wants me on the sidelines of this one.

Moses’ words to the people of Israel came to mind:

“Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today… The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” Exodus 14:13-14 New Living Translation

The LORD himself will fight for the injustice I’m in, and God will also take care of this person’s wrongdoing. HE will do it. My order today is to “just stay calm,” keep my mouth shut and not say a word.

Listen to the words of this song. What is God’s love calling you to? May you find courage to take up arms when God calls you to, but also have courage to stay quiet and calm when God decides to fight for you. May you find refuge under the cross of Jesus.


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  1. This is so true, and so hard. I’m very prone to working myself into a state over the actions of someone else, when it’s between them and the Lord. He always finds a way to turn it around and whisper that I need to examine my own heart… and leave everything else to Him, and only Him 🙂 Visiting from #livefreeThursday

  2. Suzie Eller says:

    Meggie, I pray that the injustice against you would pale in comparison to God’s love over your and around you, before you and behind you. Thank you for such an honest, vulnerable post. Thank you for joining in #livefreeThursday — what a blessing!

  3. “helping God out”, oh that is so me! God recently also told me to stop talking and get out of His way. It was difficult, well I just didn’t want to. But I did and that’s when I started to see Him move, I started to see progress and I started to see the other person’s heart change.
    I pray you begin to see God’s work and progress in your life, in your situation also.

    [I’m linked up with Suzie for #livefreeThursday also]

    Blessings, Jana

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